The Tarot Lovers deck was created by designer Karyn Easton and is based on a combination of traditional Tarot de Marseilles imagery and the well known Rider-Waite tarot deck symbolism. It is a standard 78 card deck and ideal for beginners and experts alike.

The Tarot Lovers brand is much more than just a tarot deck and more information is available here at:

Often readers want cards to reflect their personality when buying a tarot deck. Some like the gothic look and others want pretty angel cards to create a connection that is personal to them. The Rainbow Tarot has something for all: a favorite colour, inspirational images of diamonds sparkling, a cup overflowing with love, and a sense of energy within the artwork that flows out to the reader.

The Major Arcana depicts universal symbols, which makes them more accessible to all, including the beginner, and the different colour scheme makes them easier to locate in the spread. For example, the Major Arcana, which depicts major situations, stands out due to the rainbow colours, which instantly gives the reader a picture or map of the Querent's life.

If a reader wants to show their individuality, or just loves the beauty of the colours and energy that surrounds us, then the Rainbow Tarot is for them.

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