I Ching - Without Embroiling: Without, Wu (W�)

I Ching Meaning - Hexagram 25 - Without Embroiling: Without, Wu

Hexagram Number 25
Keyword(s): Simplicity
Symbolic of: innocence


The General Meaning

W� Wang indicates great progress and success, while there will be advantage in being firm and correct. If (its subject and his action) be not correct, he will fall into errors, and it will not be advantageous for him to move in any direction.

Explanation of the separate lines

1. The first NINE, undivided, shows its subject free from all insincerity. His advance will be accompanied with good fortune.

2. The second SIX, divided, shows one who reaps without having ploughed (that he might reap), and gathers the produce of his third year's fields without having cultivated them the first year for that end. To such a one there will be advantage in whatever direction he may move.

3. The third SIX, divided, shows calamity happening to one who is free from insincerity;--as in the case of an ox that has been tied up. A passer by finds it (and carries it off), while the people in the neighbourhood have the calamity (of being accused and. apprehended).

4. The fourth NINE, undivided, shows (a case) in which, if its subject can remain firm and correct, there will be no error.

5. The fifth NINE, undivided, shows one who is free from insincerity, and yet has fallen ill. Let him not use medicine, and he will have occasion for joy (in his recovery).

6. The topmost NINE, undivided, shows its subject free from insincerity, yet sure to fall into error, if he take action. (His action) will not be advantageous in any way.



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