R�el and the R�elians

R�el & The R�elians  :  The Raelian movement is a UFO sect which is represented in 50 countries on all five continents.  It has been especially active in Zurich for several years. In the Summer of 1997 it hit the headlines with an announcement that it was soon going to be able to clone people.  Apparently whoever would like a clone of himself or herself can order one for a fee of $200,000.

In terms of organizational structure, there are six levels of responsibility within the movement. The sixth and highest level, is occupied by Rael, namely Claude Vorilhon, the original founder of the movement and "Guide of Guides."

Rael or Claude Vorilhon a French journalist, set up the Raelian movement on December 13th 1973. According to claims by the movement itself; Rael as he is now known, was contacted by an alien visitor from another planet.  The visitor or extra-terrestrial named an Elohim was described as being around "four feet in height, had long black hair, almond shaped eyes, olive skin and exuded harmony and humor"  The alien wanted Rael to establish an embassy on earth for his people in order to welcome them to the earth.  Allegedly he explained to Rael that "we were the ones who made all life on earth, you mistook us for gods, we were the origin of your main religions.  Now that you are mature enough to understand this, we would like to enter official contact through an embassy"  In the days following this, Vorilhon-Rael (Rael as he had been named by the alien) allegedly "received commentaries on the most significant parts of the Bible" (Jacques Vallee, Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults p. 143).

Later Rael published a book called The Messages given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials.  The book detailed the teachings that he received and some of the notes that he had taken himself.  There were also claims that around two years after his first visitation, Rael was revisited in France.  This time he actually got to have a ride in their spaceship all the way to the alien's planet called Elohim. 

Staying true to his commission, Rael went on to establish a movement and embassy to spread the Elohim's message, which centered largely around the beginnings of life on Earth and the origins of man. Once the embassy is built it is hoped that the Elohim will return to earth to share their scientific expertise.  It has apparently been revealed that the Elohim "will only come when we build their embassy, such is their love and respect for us."

Although a somewhat bizarre message from Rael, his Raelian Religion has attracted a large following since its creation in 1973 and Rael's alleged contact with beings from outer space.

Source: This article inspired by an entry and information from The Apologetics Index

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