Tarot Cards - The King of Wands

The Prince of the Chariot of Fire

Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Air of Fire

Divinatory meaning
Upright - A charming, responsible, loyal, entertaining, witty, honest, conscientious and generous person.  A lover of the home and family life.  A very passionate and virile man who is good at moral support and encouragement.  When pushed or provoked he acts without hesitation, but can sometimes find this hard as he can often see both sides of an argument.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - He has an inability to understand or appreciate another's point of view, particularly if they are coming from a lower moral standpoint than his own.  He is intolerant, narrow minded and a bigot with deep prejudices.  He has a ruthless streak and cares little for the feelings of others.

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