Angels beginning with 'Angel of'

Angel of Abortion (Kasdaye)

Angel of the Abyss

Many believe this to be Uriel, 'the angel set over the world and Tartarus'.

Angel of Adversity

Mastema is the angel of adversity, and he is the prince of evil – equal to Satan.

Angel of Agriculture (Risnuch)

Angel of the Air (Chasan, Casmaron, Cherub, Iahmel)

The angels of the air are Chasan, Cherub, Iahmel and Casmaron.

Angel of Albion

This character was created by William Blake in 'Visions of the Daughters of the Albion'.

Angel of Alchemy and Mineralogy

Angels of the Altitudes

The principal angels of the altitudes are Barachiel, Gediel and Gabriel. They hold banners or flags in their hands, which have red crosses on them. They also speak in low voices.

Angel of Anger

Moses met the angels of angel when he visited Paradise, ans he said that they were made 'wholly of fire.'

Angel of Annihilation

This is Harbonah or Hasmed, according to the story of Esther and Ahaseurus.

Angel of Announcements

Please see Sirushi.

Angel of Annunciation

Gabriel is the angel of annunciation, and has been painted many times making the annunciation to Mary.

Angel of the Apocalypse

Orifiel, Anael, Zachariel, Raphael, Sammael, Michael and Gabriel are the angels of the apocalypse. It's claimed that each of the angels is permitted to reign for 354 years.

Angel of April

Please see Asmodel.

Angel of Aquarius

Ausiel is the Angel of Aquarius in ceremonial magic.

Angel of Aquatic Animals

Please see Manakel.

Angel of Aries

Please see Machidiel.

Angel of the Ark of the Covenant

There are two angels of the Ark of the Covenant – Zarall and Jael. Both belong to the order of Cherubim. Sandalphon is also sometimesd called 'the left-hand cherub of the Ark'.

Angel of Ascension

It's often claimed that two angels were present during the ascension of Jesus to Heaven, but they are unnamed.

Angel of Aspirations and Dreams

In Occultism, this is Gabriel.

Angel of August

Hamaliel is the angel of August.

Angel of Autumn – Guabarel

The angels Guabarel and Tarquam are the guardians of Autumn.

Angel of Babylon

This unnamed angel 'mounted 70 rounds ad the angel of media 52'.

Angel of the Balances {Soqed Hozi, Dokiel, Michael, Zehanpuryu'h}

Angel of the Baptismal Water

Raphael is the angel of Baptismal Water.

Angel of Barrenness (Akriel)

Angel Over (Tame) Beasts (Behemiel, Hariel)

Angel Over (Wild) Beasts (Thegri, Mtniel, Jehiel, Hayyal)

Angel of Benevolence (Zadkiel, Hasdiel, Achsah)

Angel Over Birds (Arael, Anpiel)

Angel of the Bottomless Pit

This is Abaddon, the same as the angel of the Abyss.

Angel of the Burning Bush – Zagzagel

This is commonly believed to be Michael, although some who follow the Exodus strictly believe it to be God himself. They claim that the lord Himself appears in disguise as an angel.

Angel of Calculations (Butator)

Angel of (the sign of) Cancer – Cael

Angel of Capricorn

Casujoiah is the angel of Capricorn in ceremonial magic.

Angel of Carnal Desires

This is the angel of lust.

Angel of Chance

Please see Rubiel, Uriel and Barakiel.

Angel of Chaos

This is usually Michael, although when linked to darkness and death this is Satan.
Angel of the Chaste Hands (Ouestucati)

Angel of Chastisement – Amaliel

This is usually Amaliel.

Angels (Order of)

The Order of Angels is the last of the nine orders to occur. Phaleg and Adnachiel are the ruling princes of this order.

Angels of Clouds

The angels of clouds are referenced in The Book of Jubilees. It states that they were created on the first day of Creation. These angels are unnamed.

Angels of Cold

As with the angels of clouds, these angels are not named yet are mentioned in the The Book of Jubilees.

Angels of the Colonies

These angels were created by William Blake in 'Visions of the Daughters of Albion'.

Angel of Comets – Zikiel / Ziquiel and Akhibel

Angel of Commission Brokers – Anauel

Angel of Commotion – Zi'iel

Angel of Compassion – Rachmiel or Raphael

Angel of Conception

Angels of Confusion

There are seven angels of confusion. God sent these angels to the court of Ahasuerus to end the king's pleasure in the reign of Queen Esther. They are claimed to have helped with Babel's downfall. They are Abachta, Bigtha, Harbonah, Carcas, Mehuman, Biztha and Zethar.

Angel of Constellations – Kakabel and Rahtiel

Angels of Corruption

Talmudic lore states that there are seventy tutelary angels who are instructed by God to rulesthe earth's seventy nations. These angels were corrupted by national bias, apart from Michael – the angelic guardian of Israel.

Angel of the Covenant

This title is used for Metatron, Michael, Phasiel, Elijah, Mastema and even God.

Angels of Creation

In the beginning, there were seven angels of Creation. They ruled over the seven planets (including the moon and the sun), and they are commonly known as Anael, Orifiel, Zachariel, Raphael, Samael (before bhis fall), Michael and Gabriel. According to The Book of Enoch, the angels of Creation live in the Sixth Heaven.

Angel of Darkness

Also known as the Prince of Darkness.

Angel of Dawn

This name is used for the dragon that appears in Revelations – a metaphor for Saton or Lucifer.

Angel of the Day

Shamshiel is the angel of daylight, according to 3 Enoch.

Angel of Death

This title has been assigned to many angels, including Gabriel, Adriel, Azrael, Apollion, Hemah, Kezef, Kafziel, Metatron and many more. Falasha texts name Suriel as the angel of death, although Christian beliefs claim that it is Michael. This is because Michael guides Christian souls into 'the eternal light'. The Islamic angel of death is Azrael, whilst Mot is the Babylonian version.

Angel of December – Haniel or Nadiel

The ancient Persians believed that Dai was the angel of December.

Angel of the Deep – Tamiel, Rampel, Rahab

Angel of Deliverance

In Jewish mysticism, Pedael is the angel of deliverance.

Angel of the Deserts

This angel is unnamed, but he was involved in the Sabbath.

Angel of Destiny – Oriel or Manu

Angels of Destruction

The Revelation of Moses claims that the angels of Destruction are Uriel, Simkiel, Azriel, Harbonah, Za'afiel, Af, Hemah, Kolazonta and Kemuel. Kemuel is said to lead the group. The book 3 Enoch claims that the angels of Destruction are equal to the angels of punishment. These are in turn equated with wrath, vengeance, death and ire.

Jewlish lore states that there are 90,000 angels of Destruction in Hell alone.

Angel of the Disc of the Sun-Chur

According to ancient Persian lore, Chur is the angel of the Disc of the Sun.

Angel of Divination (Eistibus)

Angel of the Divine Chariot (Rikbiel YHWH)

Angel of the Divine Presence

This term was used by William Blake in the subtitle for the engraving 'The Laocoon'.

Angel of Dominions

Zacharael is the angel of Dominions (Dominations).

Angel of Doves (Alphun)

Angels of Dread

3 Enoch claims that the angels of Dread work alongside the Captains of Fear in surrounding the throne of glory. Theysing praise and hymns before the God of Israel.

Angel of Dreams

Duma and Gabriel are the angels of Dreams. Some believe that the angel of Dreams is either Gabriel of the moon, and Gabriel has been referred to as the 'supervisor of dreams'.

Angel of the Dust

Angels of the Earth

Traditionally, there are seven angels of the Earth.

Angel of Earthquakes

Please see Rashiel.

Angels of the East (or rising sun) Michael, Gauriil, Gazardiel

Angel of Edom

Edom is an alternative name for Rome, but Satan is the angel of Edom. Jacob dreamt that he saw the angel of Edom on the ladder between Heaven and Earth.
Angel of the Embryo {Sandalphon}

Angel of Esau

Sammael is the angel of Esau.

Angel of Evil

Satan is the angel of evil.

Angel of Evil Deeds

The angel of evil deeds is a holy angel in God's service.

Angels of the Face

Also known as the Angels of Presence, the angels of the Face include Michael, Metatron, Uriel and many more.

Angel of Fall-Torquaret

Angel of Fascination (Tablibik)

Angel of Fasts

Sangariah is the Angel of Fasts, according to The Zohar.

Angel of Fate (Manu)

Angel of Fear (Yrouel, Morael)

The Angels of Fear are amulet angels.

Angel of February (Barchiel, Barbiel)

Angel of Fertility

Mandaean lore states that the Angel of Fertility is Samandiriel or Yushamin.

Angel of the Fiery Furnace

The angel of the Lord (he is not named) was seen walking in the mist of the unconsuming fire (with Misach, Sidrach and Abednego) three Judaean princes. The princes were prisoners on Babylon for refusing to obey commands. This angel delivered the princes from death with a miracle. A Babylonian king described him as having a form like that of 'the son of God'.

Angel of the Fifth Heaven

Michael is the angel of the Fifth Heaven, although some believe him to be Sammael.

Angel of Fire

Nathaniel is the Angel of Fire.

Angel of the Firmament – Hlm Hml

Angel of the First Heaven

Please see Gabriel, Uriel, Seraph, Atuniel, Arel, Nathanael, Ardarel and Jehoel.

Angel Over Fish – Gagiel, Arariel, Azareel

Angel of Flame

El Auria is the Angel of Flame, and is equated with Ouriel.

Angel of the Flaming Sword

This is the Angel of the Garden on Eden.

Angel of Food

Manna is the Angel of Food, Isda is the Angel of Nourishment.

Angel of the Footstool

Kurzi is the Angel of the Footstool, according to Arabic lore. He offers a pillar of light to new arrivals in Heaven to support them as the Divine Judge interrogates them.

Angel of Force

Afriel is the Angel of Force.

Angel of Forests (Zuphlas)

Angel of Forgetting / Forgetfulness – Poteh or Purah

Angel of Fornication

The Angel of Fornication is the Angel of Lust.

Angels of the Four Cardinal Points

Also known as Regents of the Earth, the Angels of the Four Cardinal Points appear in Blavatsky 'The Secret Doctrine'. In Hinue lore, the four regents are the Chatur Maharajas.

Angels of the Four Elements

Seraph or Nathaniel rule over fire, Cherub over air, Ariel over earth and Tharsis or Tharsus over water.

Angels of the Four Winds

Uriel resides over the South Wind, Michael over over the east, Gabriel over the north and Raphael over the west. Revelation 7 references 'four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding fast the four winds of the earth'.

Angels of the Fourth Heaven

Please see Michael, Shamshiel and Shahakiel.

Angel Over (Wild) Fowl

Trgiaob is the Angel of Wild Fowl.

Angel Over Free Will {Tabris}

Angels Over Friday

Anael, Rachiel and Sachiel are the angels of Friday.

Angel of Friendship

The Angel of Friendship is Mihr, according to ancient Persian lore. He also ruled over the seventh month, and was the angel of love.

Angel Over Fruit

The angels over fruit are Sofiel, Alpiel, Ilaniel, Eirnilus and Serakel.

Angel of Fury

There are numerous angels in this order, and Ksoppghiel is their leader.

Angel of the Future – Teiaiel or Isiaiel

The Angel of the Future is either Teaiel or Isiaiel.

Angels of the Garden of Eden

Metatron and Messiah both belong to the Cherubim, and they are the Angels of the Garden of Eden. Raphael is also sometimes given this title due to his role as Guardian of the Tree of Life.

Angel of Gemini

Ambriel is the Angel of Gemini, although it is Giel in magical rituals. Some sources reference Sagras and Saraiel as Angels of Gemini.

Angel of Gethsemane

Chamuel is the angel who gave strength to Jesus in Gethsemane. Some sources attribute this role to Gabriel.

Angel of Glory

As a group, the angels of glory equate to the angels of sanctification and the angels of presence. Sandalphon is the Angel of Glory, as well as the angel ofprayer and tears.

Angel of God

Uriel is the Angel of God.

Angel of Good

This unnamed angel appears in The Apocalypse of Abraham.

Angel of Good Counsel

This is Jesus, according to the text 'The Mystical Theology and the Celestial Hierarchies.'

Angel of Good Deeds

This angel is pictured in Longfellow, 'The Golden Legend'.

Angel of Grace (Ananchel)

Angel of the Great (or Mighty) Counsel

This is the Holy Ghost, the Head of Days and The Messiah.

Angel of Greece – Javan or Yavan

Please see Javan.

Angel of Hades – Uriel and Raphael

Raphael is responsible for departed souls, and Uriel was once the officiating angel of the newly dead.

Angel of Hail

Bardiel (or Baradiel) or Barchiel, Nuriel, Yurkami and the twin irin kaddishin.

Angel of Healing

This is usually Raphael, but also Suriel and Assiel.

Angel of Health

Mumiah and Raphael are referenced as the angels of health.

Angel of Heavenly Baptism – Seldac

Angel of Hell

There are seven ruling angels in Hell, who serve under Dunah. They are often listed as Dumah, Lahatiel, Kushiel, Shaftiel, Chutriel, Pasiel and Maccathiel.

Angel of Herbs

The Angel of Herbs is unnamed, and is one of the 'splendid, terrible and mighty angel chiefs' who passed before God to rejoice in the first Sabbath.

Angel of Heroism

Narsinha is the Angel of Heroism. He is the 'man-lion avatar' and 'lord of heroism'.

Angel Over Hidden Things

Satarel (Sartael) and Gethel (Ingethal) are the angels of hidden things.

Angel of the Hills

The Angel of Hills is unnamed, and is another of the 'splendid, terrible and mighty angel chiefs' who passed before God to rejoice in the first Sabbath.

Angel of his Presence

This term is usually applied to the Tekemah, the female manifestation of God in man. There are twelve angels of this order listed in Rabinnic lore. These include Michael, Uriel and Gabriel.

Angel of Hoarfrost

This is an unnamed angel referenced in I Enoch.

Angel of Holiness

This is also the Angel of Sanctification.

Angel of the Holy Spirit

Gabriel is the Angel of the Holy Spirit.

Angel of Hope

Phanuel is the Angel of Hope.

Angels of Horror

These Cherubim surround the Throne of Glory, and they strike terror and fear into the hearts of those who behold them.

Angel of Hostility (mal'akh hammastemah)

This role is often attributed to Mastema.

Angel of the Hours of the Day and Night

In most traditions and beliefs, angels are given specific hours of the day and night to preside over, and some even have many. As well as these, there are many angels who can be invoked at specific times and on certain days too – usually to assist with spells.

Angel of Humanity

Please see Eve.

Angel of Hurricanes (Za'miel, Zaafiel)

Please see Za'afiel.

Angel of Ice

This angel is mentioned in The Book of Jubilees, although he is not named. Also, the Mayan' God of Ice was Izlacoliuhqui.

Angel of Immorality

The Angel of Immorality is Zethar, and he is also an angel of confusion.

Angel of Iniquity

This angel is not identified in the New Testament, but he is believed to be Apollyon.

Angel of Insolence

Rahab is the Angel of Insolence, and also the angel or demon of the primordial waters. He is sometimes believed to be the angel of death too.

Angel of Insomnia

Michael is the Angel of Insomnia.

Angel of Intercession

The Angel of Intercession is an unnamed angel. He intercedes 'for the people of Israel, so that they may not be utterly destroyed', as the angel declared to Levi when he went to Heaven.

Angel of Inventions

Liwet is an angel of Mandaean beliefs, and the spirit of inventions.

Angel of Ire (Zkzoromtiel)

Angel of Irrevocable Choice (Zeffar)

Angel of Israel – Michael and Javan

Angel of January

Gabriel is the Angel of January.

Angel of Jehova

This is another name for the Angel of the Lord.

Angel of Joy - Raphael, Gabriel

Angel of Judgement, Gabriel, Zehanpuryu

Angel of July

Please see Verchiel.

Angel of June

Please see Muriel.

Angel of June-July (Imrief)

Angel of Jupiter

Please see Zacharael.

Angels of Justice

Please see Tsadkiel and Azza.

Angel of Knowledge

Please see Raphael. He is also the angel of prayer, love, health and science.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of the Last Judgement

Please see Michael and Gabriel.

Angel of the Law

The angel of the law is usually Dina.

Angel of Lawlessness

Beliar (Beliel) is the Angel of Lawlessness.

Angel of Leo

The angel of the sign of Leo is Ol according to ceremonial magic.

Angel of Libra

In ceremonial magic, Jael is the Angel of Libra. Although in the text The Magus, this is Zuriel.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Life

This angel appears in the poem 'The Two Angels' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He is an unnamed angel.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of Light

There are several angels recognised as Angels of Light, including Jesus, Gabriel and Satan. Jewish beliefs also state that the supernatural light that occurred at the birth of Isaax also makes him a possible Angel of Light.

Angel of the Light of Day

Shamshiel, the prince of paradise is the Angel of the Light of Day.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Lightning

Barakiel, the Angel of February is the Angel of Lightning. He is one of the seven archangels. In Conybeare, 'The Testament of Solomon' it's claimed that the Angel of Lightning is believed to be the only spirit with the power to overcome the demon Envy.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Lights

There are several angels who could be the Angel of Lights. These include Raphael – the regent of the sun, Shamshiel – referred to as the light of day, and Uriel, also the regent of the sun.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Longevity

Please see Mumiah, Seeheiah and Rehael.

Angel of the Lord

Although this can be a reference to describe God in the Old Testament, the Angels of the Lord are usually Gabriel, Akatriel, Malachi, Homadiel, Yehadriel and Phinehas.

Angel of the Lord of Hosts

Michael is the Angel of the Lord of Hosts in Heaven, and on Earth this is the High Priest.

Angel of Love

The Roman goddess Venus is the Angel of Love according to the Kabbalah, although this angel differs from religion to religion. The ancient Persians worshipped Mihr, who ruled over love and friendship, and Christians believe in Theliel, Raphael, Donquel and Rahmiel. Liwet and Anael are the Angels of Love in Mandean, Talmudic and Zoroastrian beliefs.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of Lude

The Angel of Lude if France's rooftree angel. He is depicted in a stained glass window at a New York City church – St Bartholomew's Protestant Episcopal Church. The Marquis de Tallhouet took the statue to his home in France in the nineteenth centry – the chateau du Lude.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Lust

The Angel of Lust is unnamed, although the Hellespontian god of lust is named as Pharzuph. A Christian apologist of the fourth century mentioned him in his work Adversus Nationes.

Angel of Luxury

Origen says that anybody who 'falls away from Michael is put into subjection to the angel of luxury, then to the angel of punishment'.

Angel of Mankind

Please see Metatron.

Angels of the Mansions of the Moon

The mansions of the moon are the latitudes it passes as it goes about its monthly journey circling the Earth.

Angel of March

Machidiel is the Angel of March.

Angel of the Marriage of Contraries {Camaysar}

Angel of Mars

There are several Angels of Mars – Uriel, Sammael, Chamael and Gabriel. In Ancient Persian lore this is Khurdad.

Angel of May – Ambriel, Afsikhof

Ambriel is the Angel of May.

Angel of Media

Media is an ancient land, with an unnamed angel presiding over it. This land became 'corrupted through national bias'. Ginzberg, 'The Legends of the Jews I, 351' states that the Angel of Media climbed 52 rungs on Jacob's Ladder.

Angel of Memory

The Angels of Memory are Zachriel, Zadkiel and Mupiel. They can be invoked through magical incantations.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of (the planet) Mercury

There are various Angels of Mercury, including Raphael, Tiriel, Hasdiel, Barkiel, Michael and Zadkiel.

Angel of Mercy

Rahmiel, Gabriel, Michael, Zadkiel and Zehanpuryu are the Angels of Mercy.

Angel of Meteors

Angel of Mighty Counsel

This is an alternative name for Christ. It's used in the Greek version of the Hebrew bible – Septuagint.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of Migration

Nadiel is the Angel of Migration, as well as the ruler of the Hebrew month of Kislev.

Angel of Mohammed

This angel was glimpsed by Mohammed as he was taken to Heaven, and it had 70,000 heads. Each head sang the praises of God.

Angel of Monday

The Angels of Monday are Gabriel, Arcan, Abuhaza, Missabu and Arcan.

Angels of Mons

These angels ride on horseback, and it's said that they appeared during World War I in the Battle of Mons to help the British soldiers against the Germans.

Angels of the 12 Months of the Year

Each month of the year has its own angel and they are as follows: January – Gabriel, February – Barakiel, March – Machidiel, April – Asmodel, May – Ambriel, June – Muriel, July – Verchiel, August – Hamaliel, September – Uriel, October – Barbiel, November – Adnachiel and December – Haniel.

Angels of the Moon

The Angels of the Moon are Gabriel, Yahriel, Elimiel, Iachadiel, Tsaphiel, Iaqwiel, and Zachariel to name a few.

Angel of Morals

Mehabiah is the Angel of Morals, and he also helps humans who wish for children.

Angel of Mountains {Rampel}

Please see Rampel.

Angel of the Muses

The Angels of Muses are Uriel, Israfel, Radueriel and Vretil (Pravuil).

Angel of Music

Please see Israfel.

Angel of the Mutations of the Moon – Mah

Angel of Mysteries

The Angels of Mysteries are Raziel and Gabriel.

Angel of Night

The Angels of the Night are Leliel, Metatron and Lailah.

Angel of the Noonday Winds {Nariel}

Angel of the North

The Angels of the North are Alfatha, Oertha, Uriel and Chairoum.

Angels of the North Star

These angels are of Mandaean lore, and they are Muzania, Abathur, Arhum Hii and four additional angels.

Angel of the North Wind

Chairoum is the Angel of the North Wind.

Angel of Nourishment

Please see Isda.

Angel of November – Adnachiel or Azar

Please see Adnachiel for the Angel of November. The Ancient Persians believed that Azar was the Angel of November.

Angel of Obedience – Sraosha

Sraosha was the Angel of Obedience, according to Manicheanist beliefs.

Angel of Oblivion – Purah / Puta / Poteh

Please see Purah for the Angel of Oblivion.

Angel of October – Barbiel or Aban

Please see Barbeil for the Angel of October. The Ancient Persians believed that this angel was Aban.

Angel of Omnipotence

This class of angels had eight members, Ebuhuel, Atuesuel, Elubatel, Bualu, Tubatlu, Tulatu, Ublisi and Labusi. This list is referenced in The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.

Angel of Oracles

Please see Phaldor.

Angel of Order

Please see Sadriel.

Angel of Orion

The Angel of Orion is unnamed yet referenced in the Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba, and it states that he is one of the 'splendid, terrible and mighty angel chiefs'. These angels passes before God to celebrate the first Sabbath.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Paradise

Shamshiel, Zephon, Zotiel, Michael, Gabriel and Johiel are amongst the Angels of Paradise. These angels are representative of paradise in both its heavenly and earthly forms. In Mandaen lore, the Angel of Paradise is Rusvon, and the Ancient Persians believed him to be Sirushi.

Angel of Patience – Achaiah

Angel of Peace

The Angel of Peace appears in Jewish beliefs, and remains unnamed. It's said that he was against the creation on mankind, for which he was burnt by God. He was burnt with the angel of truth, who also opposed creation. They were both revived at a later date. The Angel of Peace is referenced in Enoch I, when he guides Enoch around Heaven and tells him the names of the archangels of the presence.

Angel of Penance

Phanuel is the Angel of Penance, as well as the angel of hope. He has been recognised as the Shepherd of Hermas.

Angel of Persecution

The Angel of Persecution is a personal devil found in every human, according to Roman Catholic doctrine. We also have an angelic guardian inside us.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Persia – Dob(b)iel / Dub(b)iel

The Angel of Persia is the guardian angel of Persia, either Dob(b)iel or Dub(b)iel.
Angel of Pisces – Pasiel

The Angel of Pisces is found in ceremonial magic, named Pasiel. Rabbi Chomer claimed that two spirits preside over this sign of the zodiac – Vocabiel and Rasmasa.

Angel of the Plagues

This anonymous destroying angel was seen above Jerusalem and punished the Jews for the authorisation of a census.

Angel of the Planets

There are seven Angels of the Planets found in Occult lore, and this includes the sun and the moon. The chief of these angels is Rehatiel or Rejatiel.

Angel of Plants

Please see Sachluph.

Angel of the Pleiades

The Angel of the Pleiades is unnamed, but is found in the Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba. He is one of the 'splendid, terrible and mighty angel chiefs who passed before God.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Poetry – Uriel, Israfel, Radueriel (Vretil), Phoenix

The angels of poetry are Israfel, Uriel, Phoenix and Radueriel.

Angel of (the order of) Powers

The Kabbala states that the Angel of the Powers is Zacharel. However, Michael is given this title in The Testament of Abraham.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of Praise

The Angel of Praise isn't named, but it is mentioned in Gonzberg, The Legends of the Jews I. It states that 'the third creation of the second day of creation were angel hosts, both the ministering angels and the angels of praise'.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Prayer – Akatriel, Gabriel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Sizouse

There are six Angels of Prayers, Gabriel, Akatriel, Raphael, Metatron and Sizouse. Some say that Michael is also one of the angels of prayer, as seven archangels pass on the prayers of saints to God.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of Precipices-Zarobi

Please see Zarobi.

Angels of Pregnancy – Sunui, Sinsuni

The Angels of Pregnancy are found in Mosaic incantations and they are named as Sinui and Sinsuni. This pair of angels is called upon to assist women in labour. Jewish lore states that God chooses an angel to make new Jewish babies resemble their fathers. This is to rule out any suspicions of adultery on the mother's part.

Angels of the Presence

The Angels of the Presence are Michael, Suriel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Jehoel, Phanuel, Uriel, Zagzagael, Akatriel and Yefeiah. These angels are equal to the angels of glory and the angels of sanctification.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of Pride – Rahab, Satan

Please see Rahab and Satan.

Angel of Priesthoods and Sacrifices

Please see Sachiel-Meleck.

Angels of Principalities

The Order of Principalities is also known occasionally as the Princedoms. The rulers of this angelic order are listed in the first and third triad of the celestial hierarchy. The ruling angels of the order are Nisroc, Haniel, Raguel and Cerviel. The Angels of Principalities are 'protectors of religion' and rule over good spirits.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of Proclamation-Gabriel, Ak(h)raziel

Gabriel is the Angel of Proclamation and annunciation.

Angel of Progress

In the Kabbalah, Mercury is the Angel of Progress, although this title is sometimes given to the angel Raphael too.

Angel of Prostitution

The Angels of Prostitution are Naamah, Lilith and Agrat bat Mahlat. These angels are often claimed to be Sammael's wives.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of Punishment

There are seven Angels of Punishment, and they are Kushiel (the 'rigid one of God'), Lahatiel ('flaming one of God'), Makatiel ('plague of God'), Shoftiel ('judge of God'), Hutriel ('rod of God'), Rogziel ('wrath of God') and Pusiel ('fire of God').

Amaliel is also an Angel of Punishment. The Pistis Sophia states that Ariel is responsible for punishment in Hell.

Angel of Purity

Please see Tahariel.

Angels of Quaking

It's said that these angels surround the Throne of Glory. During his forty day stay in Heaven, Moses beheld the Angels of Quaking.

Angel of Rain

To the ancient Persians, the Angel of Rain was Dara. Please see Zalbesael, Matarel and Riddia also.

Angel of Rarified Air

According to Mandaean beliefs, the Angel of Rarified Air is Ayar Ziwa. In Parsi angelology, it is Ram-Khvastra.

Angel of Repentance

The Angel of Repentance varies from source to source, but Suriel, Michael, Phanuel and Raphael are all given this title.

Angel of Resurrection

This angel is unnamed, and rolled the stone away from the opening of Jesus' tomb. Matthew refers to him as the angel of the Lord.

Angel of Revelation

Please see Gabriel.

Angel of the Right

According to Gnostic theories of the Excerpts, the Angels of the Right had prior knowledge or Christ's birth.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Righteousness

Please see Michael.

Angel of the River Jordan

Silmai and Nidbai and the Angels of the River Jordan.

Angel of Rivers

The Sword of Moses states that Trsiel is the Angel of Rivers, although to the ancient Persians it was Dara.

Angel of Rome

Sammael is the Angel of Rome.

Angel of Running Streams

Nahaliel is the Angel of Running Streams.

Angel of the Sabbath

In Jewish lore, this angel is called Sabbath, and he is a powerful hierarch in Heaven.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Sagittarius-Ayil or Sizajasel

Ayil is the Angel of Sagittarius. There are also two angels who govern this sign of the zodiac – Saritaiel and Vhnori.

Angel of Salvation

Please see Haurvatat, although some believe this angel to be Uriel.

Angel of the Sanctuary

Sar ha-Kodesh is the Angel of Sanctuary. Some sources have named Michael, Yefefiah and Metatron as this angel too.

Angel of Saturday

The Angels of Saturday are Uriel, Cassiel and Machatan.

Angel of Saturn

The Angel of Saturn is known by various names, which include Orifiel, Orifel, Michael, Kafziel, Mael, Zaphiel and Schebtaiel.

Angel of Scandal

Zahun, one of the angels of the first hour, is the Angel of Scandal.

Angel of Science

Please see Raphael.

Angel of Scorpio

Please see Riehol and Saissaiel.

Angel of the Sea

The Talmud and the Scriptue state that Rahab is the Angel of the Sea. He was destroyed twice, once for refusing to divide the upper and lower waters at Creation, and again for trying to save the Egyptian soldiers from drowning as they chased the Hebrews across the Red Sea.

Angels of the (Four) Seasons

The Angels of the Four Seasons are Farlas (Winter) Telvi (Spring) Casmaran (Summer) and Andarcel (Autumn).

Angels of the Second Heaven

The Angels of the Second Heaven are Raphael and Zachariel. Nuriel is sometimes included in this title too, as Moses came across him in the Second Heaven.

Angel of September

The Angel of September is believed to be either Uriel or Zuriel. When the month of September is equated with the month of Eloul from the Hebrew calander, this angel is Elogium.To the Ancient Persians, the Angel of September was believed to be Miher.

Angels of Service

The Angels of Service are described as 'the fowl of Heaven' by Rabbi Akiba. The Zohar describes them as having six wings.

Angels of the Seven Days

The Angels of the Seven Days are Michael, Gabriel, Samael, Raphael, Sachiel, Anael and Cassiel.

Angels of the Seven Heavens

The Angels of the Seven Heavens are Gabriel (First Heaven), Raphael, Zachariel, Galizur (Second Heaven), Jabniel, Rabacyel, Dalquiel (Third Heaven), Michael (Fourth Heaven), Samael, Gadriel (Fifth Heaven), Zachiel, Zebul, Sandalphon, Sabath (Sixth Heaven) and Cassiel (Seventh Heaven). Hechaloth lore claims that some of the heavenly princes remain in their particular Heavens, whilst others act as guardians for other heavenly halls.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of Showers

Zaa'fiel is the Angel of Showers.

Angel of Silence-Shateiel, Duma

Angel of the Sirocco-Sikiel

Angel of the Sixth Heaven

The Angels of the Sixth Heaven are Sabath, Sandalphon, Zebul and Zachiel.

Angel of the Sky-Sahaqiel

Angel of Sleep

This is an unnamed angel, and he bought insomnia to Ahasuerus in the story of Esther.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel Over Small Birds-Tubiel

Angels of Snow-Shalgiel, Michael

Shalgiel and Michael are Angels of Snow. Also, these angels are referenced in the 'Revelation of John' although they remain unnamed.

Angel of Solitudes

Please see Cassiel.

Angel of Song

Radueriel is the Angel of Song, and the choirmaster of the muses. Israfel and sometimes Uriel are given this title in Islamic lore. Rabbinic beliefs hold Shemael and Metatron as the angels of song. In fact, Metatron is known as the 'Master of Heavenly Song'.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of the Sorrows of Death

Please see Paraqlitos.

Angel of the Souls of Men

Please see Remiel.

Angel of the South

Please see Raphael.

Angel of the Southwest (Naoutha).

Angel of the Spheres

Please see Jehudiel and Salatheel.

Angels of the Spring

There are four Angels of Spring in occultism, and they are Amatiel, Carcasa, Core and Commissoros. Spugliguel rules the sign of Spring, and its angelic ruler is Milkiel.

Angel of the Star of Love

Please see Anael.

Angel of the Stars

Please see Kakabel.

Angel of Sterility

Please see Akriel.

Angel of Storm

Please see Zakkiel and Zaamael.

Angel of Strength

Please see Zeruch.

Angel of Summer

The Angels of Summer are Gargatel, Tariel and Gaviel. Tubiel is the head of the sign of summer.

Angels of the Summer Equinox

There are nine Angels of the Summer Equinox, and their leader is Oranir. They are amulets and offer protection against the evil eye.

Angels of the Sun

There are several angels in the order of the Angels of the Sun. They are Gazardiel, Galgaliel, Michael, Korshid, Och, Raphael, Zerachiel and Uriel to name a few. To the ancient Persians, the angel of the disc of the sun was Churl.

Angel of Sunday

The Angels of Sunday are Michael (of the first hour), Anael (of the second hour), Raphael (of the third hour), Gabriel (of the fourth hour), Cassiel (of the fifth hour), Sachiel (of the sixth hour), Samel (of the seventh hour), Michael (of the eighth hour), Anael (of the ninth hour), Raphael (of the tenth hour), Gabriel (of the eleventh hour) and Cassiel (of the twelth hour). On the Sabbath, Cassiel, Gabriel and Raphael do double duty.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of the Sun's Rays

Please see Schachlil.

Angel of the Supreme Mysteries

Please see Raziel.

Angel of Sweet-Smelling Herbs

Please see Arias.

Angel of the Sword-Soqed Hezi

Soqed Hezi is often cited as the chief Angel of the Sword, although the name has various spellings.

Angel Over Tame Beasts

Please see Hariel and Behemiel.

Angel Over Tartarus

The Angel over Tartarus is Uriel, and sometimes Tataruchi.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel Over Taurus-Tual or Asmodel

Please see Tual.

Angel of Tears-Sandalphon and Cassiel

Sandalphon and Cassiel are the Angels of Tears. In Islamic lore this angel isn't named, but he lives in the Fourth Heaven.

Angels of Terror

The Angels of Terror surround the Throne of Glory and they are the most powerful of all the hierarchs. Thjey are equated with the Angels of Quaking. In Jewish mysticism, the leading Angel of Terror is Pahadron.

Angel of the Testament

John the Baptist was named as the Angel of the Testament in John Salkeld's 17 century text 'A Treatise on Angels'.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angels of the Third Heaven

The main rulers over the Third Heaven are Shapniel, Baradiel, Rabacyel and Dalquiel. Whilst in the Third Heaven Moses came across an angel with 70,000 heads. It's been claimed that either Erelim or Raziel are the leader of this order.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angels of the Throne

'The Book of the Angel Raziel' states that there are seven Angels of the Throne, although Jewish beliefs state that there are seventy. The 'Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses' list fifteen. Many of these angels are fallen and reside in Hell.

Angel of Thunder

The Angel of Thunder is either Ra'miel or Uriel. In addition, Uriel is the Angel of Fire and lightning.

Angels of Thursday

The Angels of Thursday are Sachiel, Castiel and Assasiel.

Angel of Time

The Angel of Time "stands between Earth and Heaven, clothed in a white robe, with wings of flame and a golden halo around his head…one foot on land, the other on the sea, behind him the sun rising…on his brow the sign of eternity and life: the circle."

Angel of the Torah

Please see Iofiel, Metatron and Zagzagel.

Angel of Torment

The Angel of Torment is Aftemelouchos.

Angel of Treasures

Please see Parasiel.

Angel of the Treasures of the Dead

Remiel is the Angel of the Treasures of the Dead.

Angel Over Trees

Maktiel is the Angel over Trees.

Angel of Trembling

Pahadron is the Angel of Termbling, as well as the Angel of Quaking and Terror.

Angels of the Triplicities

These are angels of ceremonial magic, and the rule over the zodiacal triplicities. They are Micheal (who rules the fiery triplicity), Raphael (over the airy triplicity), Uriel (over the earthy triplicity) and Gabriel (over the watery triplicity).
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angels of the Triune God-Meacheul, Lebatei, Ketuel

The Angels of the Triune God are Lebatei, Ketuel and Meacheul. They are cited in 'The Magus: The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses'.

Angel of Truth

The Angels of Truth are Amitiel, Gabriel and Michael. Jewish lore states that they were burned with the angel of peace for opposing the Creation. As the survivors were Gabriel and Michael, Amitiel was incarcerated. In Isalmic beliefs, Gabriel is the spirit of truth.

Angel of Tuesday

The Angel of Tuesday are Samael, Satael, Amabiel, Friagne, Carmax, Arragon and Hyniel.

Angel of Twilight

The Angel of Twilight is Aftiel.

Angel of Vegetables

The Angels of Fruit and Vegetables are Sealiah and Sofiel.

Angels of Vengeance

God made the twelve Angels of Vengeance at Creation, although only the names of six are known. They are Satanael, Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Nathanael and Raphael.

Angel of the Planet Venus

Please see Hasdiel and Anael.

Angel of Victory

The Angel of Victory is either Bahram or Var.

Angel of Vindication-Douma or Duma

Douma(h) (or Duma) is the Angel of Vindication, and the angel of stillness and death.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel of Virgo

The Angel of Virgo is Voil (or Voel).

Angels of (the order of) Virtues

The angelic rulers of this Order include Barbiel and Ariel, Peliel, Haniel and Atuniel.

Angel of Voyages

Please see Susabo.

Angel of War

Gadriel is the Angel of War.

Angel of Water

According to Occultism, the Angels of Water are Michael and Anafield. Tharsis is also an Angel of Water.

Angel of Water Insects

The Angel of Water Insects is Shakziel.

Angel of Weakness

The Angel of Weakness is Amaliel.

Angel of Wednesday

The Angel of Wednesday is Raphael.

Angel of the West

Gabriel is the Angel of the West. He is sometimes known as "the guardian of the west".

Angel of the Wheel of the Moon-Ofaniel

Ofaniel is one of several Angels of the Wheel of the Moon.

Angel of the Wheel of the Sun

Please see Galgaliel.

Angel of the Whirlwind

Zavael is the Angel of the Whirlwind.

Angel of the Wild Beasts-Mtniel, Jehiel

The Angels of the Wild Beasts are Jehiel and Ra'shiel.
(Faber. L. 2010. The Book of Angels. London. Arcturus Publishing Ltd.)

Angel over Wild Fowl and Creeping Things

Please see Trgiaob.

Angel of the Wilderness

Orifiel has been given this title, although some believe it to be the planet Saturn.

Angel of the Wind

3 Enoch and 'The Sword of Moses' name Ruhiel, Moriel, Ben Nez and Rujiel as the Angels of the Wind. The Cherubim are also sometimes believed to represent the wind.

Angel of Winter-Amabael, Cetarari

The Angels of Winter are Amabael and Cetarari. Attaris is the ehad of the sign of winter.

Angel of Wisdom-Zagzagel

Zagzagel is the Angel of Wisdom. This title is also attributed to Metatron at times. Legend has it that God ordered Zagzagel to carry Moses to a place where myriads of scholars congregated.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel of the Womb

Please see Armisael.

Angels of Women's Paradise

These are female angels, and there are nine in total. They were related to Hebrew patriarchs, and they had an area of one of the heavens to themselves.

Angel of the World

Please see Satan.

Angels of the World's End

The Angels of World's End will take over and rule at the end of time. They are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabuthelon, Beburos, Aker, Zebuleon and Arphugitonos.

Angels of Wrath

The Angels of Wrath are Hemah, Ezrael, Af and Mzpopiasaiel. These angels appears in the 'Revelation of Moses', when they are encountered by the lawgiver in the seventh Heaven. He found them "composed wholly of fire."

Angels of the Wrath of God

The Angels of the Wrath of God appear in Revelation, although they remain unnamed. There are seven of them in all.

Angel of Yahweh

This is another name for the Angel of the Lord, or God. There are so many references to this anger throughout the Old Testament that many believe it to be a periphrasis. If not, scribes believed there would be far too many interventions by God himself in earthly affairs. They claim that the use of this title minimises his appearances on Earth through angelic intermediaries.
(Davidson. G., 1994. A Dictionary of Angels. USA. The Free Press).

Angel-Year-145 years or 365 years

Occultists such as Cornelius Agrippa believe that the angel year is either 145 years or 365 years.

Angel of Yetzirah-Sammael or Satan

Angels of the Zodiac-Malahidael (Aries), Asmodel (Taurus), Ambriel (Gemini), Manuel (Cancer), Verchiel (Leo), Hamaliel (Virgo), Zuriel (Libra), Barchiel (Scorpio), Advachiel (Sagittarius), Hamael (Capricorn), Cambiel (Aquarius) and Barchiel (Pisces)

Angels of the Zodiac

Malahidael (Aries), Asmodel (Taurus), Ambriel (Gemini), Manuel (Cancer), Verchiel (Leo), Hamaliel (Virgo), Zuriel (Libra), Barchiel (Scorpio), Advachiel (Sagittarius), Hamael (Capricorn), Cambiel (Aquarius) and Barchiel (Pisces)




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