Astral Plane

Astral Plane n : the word astral on its own means relating to, resembling or emanating from the stars.  The astral plane however can be likened to the Akasha, namely a place where all the thoughts, memories, fantasies and dreams of everyone in the world exist. The astral plane is thought to be a fantastic place to travel in, with many different travelers, entities and levels to it.  It is said to operate at a much higher frequency than the physical plane we inhabit.

It is thought that the etheric body, spirit or mind can travel on the astral plane which is said to appear more solid than the physical plane we all inhabit, this is because in order to travel it the etheric body has to be existing and operating at the same higher frequency.  The astral plane is believed to be far more mutable than the physical and is said to be changed and altered simply by the power of thought.

See also: astral projection, life after death and near death experiences.

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