Astral Projection (See also: The Astral Projection FAQ Section)

Astral Projection : this term is commonly used to describe a number of different activities.  Below these activities are broken down into three of the most common - here is a breakdown of the most common :

1). Actual Astral Projection

2). Etheric Projection

3). Out of Body Experiences

1). Actual Astral Projection  is thought to be the process whereby our etheric body, spirit or mind separates from the physical body, whilst maintaining a level of consciousness.  Once separated from the physical body this etheric body then begins to operate at a higher frequency allowing it to travel on the astral plane.  This astral plane also operates at a higher frequency than that of the physical plane and can possibly be likened to the Akasha.  It like the Akasha is a place where all the thoughts, memories, fantasies and dreams of everyone in the world exist. The astral plane is thought to be a fantastic place to travel in, with many different travelers, entities and levels to it.  When astrally projecting it is believed that although the conscious mind tries to impose a 'body' on the traveler, he/she has no 'body' as such but can change their form simply by thinking about it.

When traveling on the astral plane it is said to appear more solid than the physical, this is because in order to travel it you have to be existing and operating at the same higher frequency.  The astral plane is believed to be far more mutable than the physical and is said to be changed and altered simply by the power of thought.  Some persons believe that they can achieve astral projection at will and there are many stories from persons claiming to have left their bodies, having operated and existed at a higher level.  In order to verify the experience and to ensure that the experience is not a dream, many persons engaging in this activity tend to project etherically first.  This is so that they can confirm they have really left their physical body and are not simply imagining the experience.

2). Etheric Projection is believed to be the commonest form of astral projection and the term that is most often confused with it.  Etheric projection is said to be the result of a conscious effort to separate from the physical body.  Unlike astral projection this time the etheric body stays on the physical plane but simply separates from the physical body.  It is often reported by persons who have experienced this phenomena that they find themselves next to their physical bodies or floating above them.  Subjects often report the ability to move at speed across rooms, streets, cities, even counties and planets on the physical plane that their bodies normally exist in.  As with astral projection the etheric body is said to operate at a higher frequency so this enables it to move through solid objects such as doors or walls.  In many respects it is similar to an out of body experience  the main difference being that etheric projection is achieved by a conscious effort to do it.

3). OOBE (Out of Body Experience) is probably one of the most reported and documented forms of astral projection.  It is thought to be when a person's consciousness leaves the physical body.  Out of body experiences are often associated with accidents or anesthesia. An example of this is the case where a patient on an operating table will report being able to see and hear the entire operation including the surgeons, from a vantage point above the table. Here the consciousness is said to have left the physical body, but will remain close.

Another example of this kind of projection, it is said can occur when an accident abruptly halts the physical body, with the non-physical body continuing on in the direction it was going. This type of sudden halt projection is also believed to be invoked by falling off a ladder, falling in the street, fainting, etc.  In these cases the projection of the non-physical body is voluntary and not a conscious choice, and usually the physical body is believed to be unconscious for the duration of the experience.

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