The Rooster - Compatible Star / Birth Signs

The Rooster (JI)
Ruler of the hours 5pm to 7pm
Direction - West
Season - Autumn/September
Fixed element - Metal negative
Yin/Yang - Yin

The Rooster is highly compatible with:



The Rooster has a harmonious relationship with:



The Rooster has no conflict but needs to make an effort with:




The Rooster has a difficult relationship with:




The Rooster has a turbulent relationship with:



Personality Traits:
People born under the year of the Rooster tend to hide their conservative natures via a display of aggression and self-confidence, however they are very "dignified".  Roosters come in two types: those that are very somber and those that are very communicative.  They love to be the focus of attention, showing scant regard for the feelings of others and as a result they are often susceptible to flattery and sycophancy.  Other personality traits include: vigilance, decisiveness, straightforwardness and accuracy.  They have a love of debate and dispute, but can also be very critical and forthright.  Roosters tend not to be very creative or adaptable, but still like to be noticed and especially to be given awards.  However they are excellent with money and are great purists to the degree that they will not allow for human weaknesses.  Their minds work along scientific lines and generally they are genuine and "well meaning".

The year of the Rooster: is one of a huge dissipation of energy, with only a precarious balance, which can often lead to arguments.  It is a cautious year where no-one wants to listen to anyone else resulting in many disagreements and "frayed nerves".  However no-one will undergo too much hardship.


The Fire Rooster - hard working, independent, motivated by principals, exact and unpredictable.

The Fire Rooster Years
31 Jan 1957 to 17 Feb 1958

The Wood Rooster - thoughtful, truthful, motivated by dependability, disciplined and selfless.

The Wood Rooster Years
13 Feb 1945 to 1 Feb 1946
9 Feb 2005 to 28 Jan 2006

The Earth Rooster -  well-organized, motivated by efficiency, scholarly, methodical and modest.

The Earth Rooster Years
22 Jan 1909 to 9 Feb 1910
17 Feb 1969 to 5 Feb 1970

The Metal Rooster - idealistic, hard working, motivated by inference, opportunistic and practicable.

The Metal Rooster Years
8 Feb 1921 to 27 Jan 1922
5 Feb 1981 to 24 Jan 1982

The Water Rooster - competent, lively, academic, motivated by ingenuity and practical.

The Water Rooster Years
26 Jan 1933 to 13 Feb 1934
23 Jan 1993 to 9 Feb 1994

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